omg these are so cute ask me these


  1. Do you love this shit?
  2. Are you high right now?
  3. Do you ever get nervous?
  4. I heard you fucking your girl is it true?
  5. You getting money?

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words/phrases white people ruined:

  • yas
  • bye felicia
  • bae
  • bruh
  • stay in ya lane
  • thot
  • hoe
  • shade
  • turnt
  • twerk
  • cop
  • front
  • stunt
  • _______ game too strong
  • drag
  • read
  • teas
  • thic

(by using them out of context, overusing them, and/or basically tryna be cute and “hip” on the internet but then makin fun of poc grammar mistakes like bye)

  • swag
  • slay
  • finna
  • thirsty
  • fuckboy


Kubrick on the set of “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968)

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this guys’ vine is just him going up to people in expensive cars and screaming at them and i think its more important than traditional protesting

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